We offer a complete construction service start to finish on

Front, Side, Rear and Rooftop Extensions

Extending your property enables you to create tailor made living space to accomodate your family’s needs. It lets you put your personal stamp on the design of your house, and increases the size of your home to avoid the inconvenience and cost of moving.

Suitability of an extension for your property depends on space available and planning permission. At Edmunds Design & Construction we can give you impartial advice on practical designs for your house, and planning regulations to help you achieve acceptance of your application.

The process starts with a meeting to understand your goals. When we have an exact picture of what you want to achieve, we will liase with architects and designers who will work alongside us to produce precise plans. These will be submitted in a planning application when all parties are satisfied that all relevant criteria has been met.

Once approved, we will be ready to start working on your project with minimal disruption . At Edmunds Design & Construction we pride ourselves on making the experience as stress free as possible for our client. We work quickly and efficiently, with the utmost respect for your property and possessions.

Dormer, Mansard and Rooflight/Velux Loft Conversions, and Basement Conversions

A loft conversion can be the most cost effective way of creating additional space in your property. Using the existing structure of your home we can turn sometimes wasted space into the room or rooms that you require. We can tailor your loft conversion to your specific ideas which will result in low cost, bespoke living space. Converted loft space will also help to insulate your home, and reduce energy costs.

A basement conversion is an exciting way to create a huge living space underneath your home. By excavating out below your property, a whole new floor is created with scope for multiple rooms, or even a swimming pool, gymnasium or home cinema for that ‘wow’ factor.

Edmunds Design & Construction Ltd will be on hand from the first informal meeting to determine what you would like to achieve, through the planning stage and dealing with your local council’s planning department, and throughout works on your property until completion.

Rest assured during this process, any disturbance will be kept to a minimum and our workforce will ensure fast, clean and efficient practice.

Pitched and Flat Roofing, Detailed Lead Work, Solar Panelling

A new roof can make your property structurally sound for years to come and greatly improve aesthetic quality. The home is kept warm and insulated and run more economically, reducing energy consumption. A damaged roof can cause a long list of problems, which in turn will end up costing a great deal to repair.

Solar panelling to the home is becoming increasingly popular due to ever rising energy costs. This process will protect you from rising electricity prices, reduce your carbon footprint and increase awareness of energy use in the home. The system will pay for itself in under 10 years which makes it a great option for cutting your costs.

If you are in need of either replacement roofing to an existing structure, a completely new roof or would like solar panelling, Edmunds Design & Construction Ltd can fulfill your requirements swiftly to minimise disruption and eliminate the risk of damage to your home from exposure to the elements. We work to strict pricing and timescale guidelines to ensure that what you agree at the start of the project is the service that you receive throughout.

Structural Alterations

It is likely that your home will need to undergo some structural alterations when you are looking to change the appearance of your home or adjust your living space to adapt to the way you live.

Would you like to create open plan living space or re-design the space that you have? Would you like to flood your home with natural light through folding doors to your garden? These small changes can create a completely different look and feel in the home. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality with our creative ideas and quality finish.

Exterior Refurbishment

Why go through the stress and pressure of moving property, when your ideal home is on your doorstep? You can achieve amazing results through refurbishment, transforming the overall aesthetics. From brickwork repairs, cladding and rendering to new or restored windows, your home will be well maintained and have an overall polished look.

From our initial meeting, Edmunds Design & Construction Ltd can guide you through the process and discuss options tailor made for your property. As with all projects we undertake, our clients comfort and peace of mind is paramount. Your property will be looking its best in minimal time, with minimal disruption.